Kaleb Eisele

Kaleb Eisele

Journalist, Music Enthusiast

In my spare time I like researching Millennial literary phenomenon, interracial relationships, and the wastelands of Fallout 4.

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The Odyssey

The Millennial Gothic

Soren Bryce speaks to the unsettling corners of the Millennial mind....

Studious article
The Odyssey

I Thought I Was Gay | Odyssey

At this point in life, it almost sounds funny -- assuming that creativity, sharp dressing, or a love for the arts somehow meant that I was attracted to other men. These days it's pretty normal for a dude to be like this, right?

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The Odyssey

Victoria Aveyard Versus Xenophobia | Odyssey

Some time since Donald Trump began his political tirades Aveyard came out in open protest against his various prejudices, especially taking on his statements about Islam and immigration. It wasn't long before the Trump crowd found out and began bombarding her account with anti-Muslim / anti-immigrant tweets. During these exchanges Aveyard made some crucial points that, I believe, represented the beliefs of many of her Millennial peers and fan base.

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The Odyssey

Living Inside The Internet | Odyssey

"The Internet itself has changed the face of reality for those of us who came into adulthood using it for so many aspects of life. It’s redefining who we are and what we think about."

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The Odyssey

7 Reasons Getting Married Young Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made | Odyssey

We were more confident, more outgoing, more positive, and more fun to be around as a couple than we had ever been as single people. Now, nearly four years into our marriage, I can confidently say that we made the right decision. Getting married at 18 and 20 added some unique perks to our lives...

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The Odyssey

Changing The Face Of Gaming | Odyssey

When Nintendo first released its "Pokemon" games for its handheld Game Boy...